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Let's work

Coaching Packages & One-Off Programs


Let's work

Coaching Packages & One-Off Programs

One-on-One Personal Training | NYC

Personal training, nutrition and wellness coaching all in one. I help clients reach their goals through individualized programs that work with their specific health conditions, restrictions, and schedules.

Single sessions, monthly training packages, & discounted rates for tandem training/small groups available. 

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Online Coaching


Nutrition & Wellness Coaching  - $250/month

One-on-one coaching, weekly check-in's, goal setting and a program that is entirely customized to you. This program is heavily focused on getting digestion right, keeping hormones balanced, and energy up through REAL food and proper recovery. CLICK for full coaching details & expectations

Online Workout Plans 


*8 Week Lower Body Specific Plan (2 workouts/week) -  $25

*8 Week Full Body Plan (4 workouts/week) - $40

MOVE BETTER plans are great for beginners and advanced lifters. Recommended for those looking to increase strength and hypertrophy. These plans emphasize proper muscle activation and recovery through tutorial videos. 

What You Need to Know:

  • 8 week Move Better plans include warmups and activation circuits, pre/post workout recovery exercises, and challenging workouts with detailed exercise explanations and tutorial videos

  • You will receive access to my private Instagram account for exercise tutorials and explanations

  • A gym is required

  • Programs include nutritional guidance (optimal macros, how to eat for performance, supplementation recommendations etc), not one-on-one nutrition coaching

ONE TIME CUSTOMIZED WORKOUT PLAN - This program is great for any experience level, as the workouts will be completely personalized for YOU. Programs are specific to your goals, health conditions, limitations etc. A gym is not required. Customized workout plans do not include one-on-one coaching, meaning you will take this plan and run with it. If you have specific questions, I am of course available via email. 

  • 4 week customized program - $85

  • 8 week customized program - $105