Often times, we hear “supplements” and think protein powders, pre-workouts, BCAA’s etc. What many of us tend to neglect are the supplements that improve over-all health such as the vitamins, minerals and herbs that fill in deficiencies, balance hormones and heal the gut.

Due to a lack of knowledge, overwhelmingly large supplement market, and expensive 1-off products - we often resort to ineffective multi-vitamins, which are a ‘one size fits all’ approach to nutrition. The issue here, is every single person is different.

That means what your body needs is to specific to YOU.


so, when do you need to supplement?

Supplements are not meant to replace food all together - they are meant to fill in nutritional gaps that aren’t being met through your daily diet and self-care routine.

Common reasons for these nutritional gaps-

  • Dietary limitations such as food intolerances and restrictive diets

  • Environmental factors such as a lack of sun, seasonal allergies and pollution

  • Diagnosed health conditions such as autoimmune diseases, anxiety, hormonal conditions and GI issues


how do you know what supplements to take?

Because supplementation is not “one size fits all” - its important that you -

  1. Have your doctor check for any deficiencies

  2. Seek a customized approach to supplements 

IDLife’s health assessment does just that. The assessment is free (you’re welcome!) and addresses everything from family history, to environmental factors, to individual health conditions and medications. Once completed - you’ll receive supplement recommendations that are completely catered to you. Additionally, with each supplement recommendation comes a scientific explanation as to why it pertains to you. 

Simply put- it takes the guessing out of supplements.


Because your body is constantly changing (and hopefully improving!), its important to check yourself regularly. I recommend re-taking your health assessment each season to update your info. The goal is to get most of what you need from REAL food so as time goes on - that supplement list should decrease.

If you are looking for a customized approach to your training or nutrition, contact me.