Kelly Keck

NYC Personal Training Client

"Anne has been my trainer for over 6 months. I came to her because her approach, personality and vibe were something I felt super connected to. She has helped me identify my weaker muscle groups and targeted them with structured and intense workouts. She helped me realize that I want to be strong versus workout solely for an aesthetic. She is beyond knowledgeable and focused on much more than fitness. She has taught me so much about the impact of my nutritional choices on gut/digestive health and mental wellness. Her changes in my nutrition have helped my overall body more so than solely a workout routine would have. Her overall holistic approach has taught me how to make this mindset a lifestyle that I intend to maintain. I appreciate the time and care she takes to tailoring her approach to my individual needs. I consider her not just a coach and educator but also a friend."


Kathryn Ford

Online Nutrition Client

"I first reached out to Anne interested in "getting lean" and seeing the numbers on the scale go down. However, she gave me something far more valuable, long lasting and meaningful: a better understanding of my body and an actual love for myself. I have never been this confident in my body, both physical appearance and my strength/mental capacity. I didn't know how much I would actually learn and I am endlessly thankful and grateful. 

I was able to lose weight while not cutting calories because I was actually feeding my body what it needed, when it needed it. I learned to train in a manner and on a schedule that worked with my body and not against it. I had no idea how much more factored in to physical fitness and overall health and well being until Anne taught me.

After our initial coaching, I took a break to see what I could do on my own. I am coming back because I have the fundamentals down and now I need her to be my boss coach, to be the discipline and voice I need to remember to put me first. My health, my fitness, my stress management, etc needs to be my priority and Anne helps me remember that, to refocus."

Lenissa Firpo

NYC Personal Training Client

“I've been training with Anne since 2016. I love her training approach. Her work isn't limited to training. She focuses on optimizing her clients overall health. When you train with her, you're training your body, mind and spirit. She trains based on each clients physical limits making sessions completely safe and customized to your needs and goals. Anne has become a huge inspiration in my life. She advocates for your health as if it was her own. She's one of the limited amount of great trainers making sure clients  avoid developing unhealthy relationships with food and the scale while reaching their goals. She will make sure to show you the way with training, nutritional guidance, and everything in between. She'll not only help you transform your body, she'll inspire you to transform your life. If you're looking for a trainer in NYC, Anne is your girl.”

Alyssa Chang

Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

“I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Anne for the last 3 years. One area that I appreciate SO MUCH about her approach to health is the importance of individualization. She takes the time to get to know you, learns about your exercise/health history and then carefully tailors your program according to what your body needs. She's not about going along with fitness "trends", she's about programming for YOU, your body, and your life. She provides incredible support, by listening. I can't explain how important it is to have someone on your health team who just listens without judgment. There's nothing more reassuring, more calming and more helpful than someone who can help walk you through your concerns, questions and be on your team to help you arrive at a solution. As she intently listens to you, she strategically implements her wealth of knowledge helping you understand some of the root causes of your symptoms. She's not about quick fixes, rather she's about helping you understand life and your body. Anne is a fantastic person and professional! If you have an opportunity to work with her, you will not be disappointed.”

Gina Shustak

NYC Personal Training Client

“Anne is very knowledgeable of fitness, nutrition and wellness. She works to personalize plans for each of her clients instead of generalizing one plan for everybody. Anne focuses on trying to help "train" your mental fitness as well as physical fitness. When training me, she would switch up the workouts so I wouldn't get bored or if something really wasn't working for me. If you're looking for a trainer that actually cares about your personal wellness journey, than go with Anne!”